CS Browser Bookmark import/export in PC(크롬에서 북마크 내보내기/불러오기)

Sorry. I don’t have codesigning certificate.. So Windows warn that this program is unknown. but, this program is clean. 죄송합니다. 제가 코드 사이닝 인증서가 없어 윈도우에서는 알려지지 않은 프로그램이라고 경고를 할것입니다. 하지만 이 프로그램은 깨끗합니다.   Bookmark import/export program in PC Chrome browser. PC 크롬브라우저   Download : CSBrowser Bookmark   Usage Export Download and Run … Read more CS Browser Bookmark import/export in PC(크롬에서 북마크 내보내기/불러오기)

Q&A CS Browser

Q1. not working bookmarks import/export features. A1. First, checking the permission of app.(if start the app first time, automayic alert) then.. Bookmarks export function is crashed when ‘bookmark is nothing status’ Q2. Where is translation features? A2. I work hard for that features. sorry. ===================== If you have questions, please reply. thanks


더이상 잘못은 하지 않겠습니다. ========================================== Download : Stable Version It is Stable Version. Package Name is ‘net.scweeny.CS.browser.dev’   Beta Version It is Beta Version. More Fast update Package Name is ‘net.scweeny.CS.browser.beta’     Credits   Credits go to: Chromium.org CodeAurora for their code BachMinuetInG for his guide; gwindlord’s source All source